a sustainable development at the Mleiha site.

Mleiha Archaeological and Eco-Tourism Project will not only help to share the area’s ecological and archaeological treasures with today’s tourists but also to protect the site so that it can be enjoyed by future generations.  We hope to continue our work and make more discoveries, thus creating an evolving attraction for years to come that offers guests something new every time they visit.

Even after 30 years of investigation, excavation and examination of Al Madam Plain, we have still only just scratched the surface of what lies below these grounds.  As we continue our work the emphasis will remain on promoting sustainable land use with lower numbers of livestock and the restoration of woodland areas to ensure we can safeguard the area’s archaeological heritage.

We envisage upgrading the existing park to create a fully-integrated and coherent setting which is suitable to be awarded World Heritage Site status.  Specific future plans for the site include reestablishing the original native species of wildlife to the area such as Arabian oryx, Rhim and Damani gazelles and ostriches.  The development of overnight accommodation facilities, traditional farm stays and work experience opportunities are also planned.  It is hoped that the Mleiha Eco-Tourism Project will create economic prosperity and job opportunities in the region through tourism development.