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» In addition, return customers can also avail of their Loyalty Discount in conjunction with our amazing Summer Special Offers!

» Experience the adventure of camping outdoors in Mleiha, bring your family and friends and take advantage of our special summer prices! This offer can also be used in conjunction with our “Buy three get one” offer, don’t miss the opportunity!

Overnight Camping Pricing:

  • Adults:  AED 250 per person (Was previously AED 350)
  • Children:  AED 150 per person (Was previously AED 250)


» Trekking

Torch Light Treks – Head into the wilderness equipped with just trekking gear as you and your guide explore Mleiha’s secrets that only come out at night.
Price: AED 60 per person

Evening Treks – Trek towards the end of day, getting the beauty of the sunset at Mleiha while exploring the different aspects of Mleiha landscapes.
Price: AED 60 per person

  • Upgrade your experience to include a Sunset Lounge for only an additional AED 130 per person!


» Horse Riding

Enjoy a Sunrise or Sunset horseback ride complete with a short refreshment break included at the end your experience! A spectacular experience for beginners or experienced riders. Even if you have never ridden a horse before, you will be lead by our expert guides.

Sunset Hack – Head out into the outback of Mleiha during the evenings on our new Sunset Hacks!
Price: AED 75 per person

Early Risers Hack – For the early birds, catch the first rays of light during our Early Risers Hack.
Price: AED 75 per person

Full Moon Horse Back Rides  – Ever wanted to see the full moon in the desert, but on horseback? Now you can, with our new full moon desert hack ride! With our guide, explore the outback of Mleiha, soak in the moonlight while having a strong cup of tea under a ghaf tree.
Price: AED 75 per person

  • Upgrade your experience to include a Sunset Lounge for only an additional AED 130 per person!


» Stargazing

ABC’s of Astrophotography – Whether you’re a budding photographer or a professional astronomer, all can learn and have fun with our expert on Astrophotography and Astronomy. Learn how to capture distant celestial objects using telescopes and cameras together or even with a camera on its own!

Price: AED 90 per person

  • Upgrade your experience to include a Sunset Lounge for only an additional AED 130 per person!
  • For a truly unique experience combine all of the 3 packages (from each activity) above for a special rate of AED 200 per person! Further enhance your journey with a sunset lounge for only AED 130 per person


» Workshops

Create your own fossils, comets and much more in our exciting workshop packages! Great fun for the whole family!

Space Camp – Understand the scale of the solar system, realize your place in the universe, comprehend the probability of existence of alien life, cook your own comet and much, much more!
Price: AED 100 per person

Fossil Fun – Join our experts on an incredible journey of exploration into the worlds of the past, walk through several ages of ancient sea beds, graves of long dead creatures and earth’s upper mantle. Read the history of the planet inscribed in the rocks.
Price: AED 25 per person

Sounds of the Past – Look through the eyes of the first humans in Arabia, live a day in their lives, paint on walls like they used to, make tools like them.
Price: AED 25 per person


  • All Summer Promotions are valid until 30th September 2018