Mleiha Archaeological Centre

Enjoy entry to our Mleiha Archaeological Centre where the whole family can learn about life in the region in years gone by as well as take a closer look at the wide variety of artefacts on display. Designed with the local environment in mind, the centre has been built with consideration to its environmental and archaeological context.

- We also cater to requests for Corporate Events and Group Bookings, please contact us for more information.

Ticket prices:

Individual centre entry (Adults) AED 25 per person
Family centre entry  AED 55 (2 adults and 3 children)
Child 12 yrs and below centre entry AED 15
Child 3 yrs and below centre entry Free
School group AED 10 per person


* All Activities include free Museum Tour

Transfer option:

Dubai:  AED 220 per vehicle, return trip
Sharjah: AED 120 per vehicle, return trip

Dubai - VAN pick up:    AED 110 per vehicle, return trip
Sharjah  - VAN pick up: AED  80 per vehicle, return trip

* All our transfer options are Private and Exclusive.

- Capture moments of your experience to share with your family and friends with our Go Pro camera add on
(AED 65 - Mleiha USB + photos and videos from your activity)

- Museum Tour is included in all our Adventures and Escapes packages.


Camel Rock Tour

Embark on an extreme off-road fun drive through the Mleiha landscape, taking in spectacular views from the peak of Camel Rock. Your guide knows just the right time and place to stop for you to take beautiful photos of the sun setting and moon rising. This exhilarating ride lasts approximately 30 minutes and is suitable for ages 3 and above.

Camel Rock only: AED 90 per person

Mleiha Landscapes:  Fossil Rock & Camel Rock

Embark on an extreme off-road fun drive through the Mleiha landscape, taking in spectacular views from the peaks of Fossil Rock and Camel Rock. Your guide knows just the right time and place to stop for you to take beautiful photos of the sun setting and moon rising.  

- Suitable for ages 3+ years.
- Fossil Rock and Camel Rock: AED 165 per person

Mleiha Adventure Package

Get ready for an exciting off-road experience as you discover the most spectacular vistas Mleiha has to offer. Your journey will last approximately 6 hours as you take in views from up to three different peaks, visit ancient sites, stop for picture-perfect photos of the stunning landscape and conclude your adventure in the relaxing setting of our Sunset Lounge.

- Suitable for ages 3+ years.

- Mleiha Adventure Package with
  Exclusive Sunset Lounge (6 Hours) :
 AED 465 per person

- Mleiha Adventure Package with
  Non-Exclusive Sunset Lounge (6 Hours) :
 AED 415 per person

Archaeological Tour

Take in the impressive archaeological and historical sites of Mleiha with our unique tour. Enjoy beautiful landscape views, spot birds, reptiles and camels which are typical to the area and, if you’re feeling adventurous, try your hand at climbing a soft dune.

- Suitable for all ages.
- Ticket prices : AED 150 per person
- School Groups Rate: AED 25 per person


Drive to one of Mleiha’s tallest peaks then enjoy the spectacular aerial views as you paraglide or paramotor down. There’s even the chance to take photos of the spectacular sunset and moonrise views from up high above the park. This experience takes between 10-20 minutes. Suitable for ages 10+ years.

* Full Price list upon reques

Desert Cycling Tours

Heart-pumping cycling tours for all levels with amazing archaeological discoveries and stunning nature and wildlife. Explore the vast Mleiha area on a FatBoy bike, specially-designed with extra-wide tyres for riding in the desert. Venture out by bike with your guide who will show you an impressive array of archaeological and historical sites, point out where you can climb soft dunes and allow you to get up close to nature, including birds, reptiles and camels.

TOUR 1 | Archaelogical & Historical Sites
Difficulty: Easy - Beginner | 1h

AED 90

TOUR 2 | Exploration / Landscape view / Fitness Ride
Difficulty: Medium | 2h

AED 250

TOUR 3 | Mleiha Extreme Safari / Endurance Ride
Difficulty: Hard | 2.5h

AED 300





Dune Buggy Adventures

Calling all thrill-seekers! Hop on one of our dune buggies for the ultimate heart-pumping ride through the Sharjah desert. This extreme off-roading adventure tour will allow you to explore the stunning landscape, take in some of Mleiha’s most impressive sites as well as stopping to explore them yourself. 

- Suitable for ages 12+ years.

Dune Buggy Extreme Fossil Climb
  (Fossil Rock, 40 mins): 
AED 175 per person

- Dune Buggy Extreme Tour
  (Faya Caves, Camel Rock, Dead Camel’s Dune, 2 hrs):
 AED 300 per person


Venture out into the landscape of Mleiha for the ultimate desert adventure. Take in the breath-taking views before doing some exploring and spotting the same flora and fauna that lived in the area over a millennia ago. You can choose from a short, long or overnight backpacking trek.

- Maximum of 15 people at one time.
Short trek (20 mins): AED 60 per person
- Long trek (45 mins): AED 150 per person

Valley of the Caves

Explore the several Stone Age caves and take in the surrounding beauty from the safety of our constructed walkways. Take in the view from our mountain outpost and save memories. 
Visitors are then taken to see camel rock and are brought back to the Visitors Centre.

- Valley of the Caves (1h): AED 115 per person